Chat GPT Marketing Trainer

ChatGPT Trainer


ChatGPT: Your new Marketing Assistant

Answer the following questions to generate the prompt that will turn ChatGPT into your personal marketing assistant that is familiar with your product and audience.

Thanks ! Let's dig in a little bit...

Complete the sentence below

Most want to

Note: This should be something that your product actually helps them achieve or reach as a result of consuming it.

Complete the sentence below

Most want to so that they can


Complete the sentence below

all want to , but what holds them back is

Note: This has to be something this is known to them. Something that struggle with or are actively trying to figure out.

Complete the sentence below

The key to is to

Note: This is your unique way of helping them achieve their desire. It should be different from your competitors. This is NOT your product, but what your product allows them to do

Complete the sentence below

...instead of

Note: Input the old way to trying to achieve their goal. What are they actively doing that isn't working?

Complete the sentence below

instead of which causes

Note: What is the negative outcome of the old/incorrect way that they are actively doing?

Complete the sentence below

which makes them feel...

Note: Input the negative emotions that they feel as a result of this.

Complete the sentence below

is a that helps in just [] without []

Outline a simple 3 step process for users to take advantage of your product

To get started, just...

Step 1:

Step 2: 

Step 3: