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Work 1-on-1 with a team of creative professionals to cut through the online noise and start generating leads & sales.

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Let’s be real, everyone wants us to buy their new exciting course or tool on the internet and while we are struggling for time it can get downright frustrating! That’s why I personally walk my clients through a proven framework that allows them to cut through all this noise so they stay focused and execute what needs to be done – minus any fluff.

I’m Trey Simon. within the past 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs turn vague ideas into clear-cut visions which generate leads & sales month after month. It’s finally time for you to get into the driver seat of your business, with our help of leveraging social media platforms, SEO tactics, email marketing automation strategies as well as untouchable creative design.

Trey Simon

marketing Consultant & Visual Designer

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What to expect when you work with us...

It all starts with a simple phone call to tell us about your business.

In case you're wondering...

We handle it ALL!

Start growing your business now with the

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Attract Your Audience

We help you clarify your messaging and design EVERYTHING for your brand to magnetically attract your potential customers


Build your Digital products

We’ll hand-craft your digital products and streamline your online platforms so everything works seamlessly together 


Convert Leads and Sales

We’ll build UNLIMITED beautiful marketing funnels and continuously optimize them for higher conversions

And don't worry...

We coach you every step of the way

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We build digital experiences that are seamlessly connected and conversion focused

Powerful brands aren't created by accident. They're strategically crafted

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What you get with creative Core?

For one flat monthly-rate

You've got the right mindset!  You've got the right methods! 

We've got the tools and technical skills to take your business to the next level!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick Answer: Any entrepreneur/solopreneur who’s sick and tired of having to worry about creative/tech tasks that slow down OR takes the focus off of building relationships with their clients and what actually makes them money.

After many years of providing website design and branding solutions to our clients, we found that many of them still faced a lot of frustration because they had to hire/fire many freelancers and “gurus” for other projects that we didn’t offer inside the scope of the project. To make matters worse, the so called gurus were simply careless when it came to the branding and processes of their business. This is why we’ve created Creative CORE™. To work as your personal in-house marketing agency…only virtual. Think of us as an extension to your online business

Our main focus is to empower entrepreneurs by bridging the creative and technical gaps that they are facing. We will meet you where you are at and strive to take you where you want to go. That includes working with/training your current VA’s and your current team on our processes if necessary. You can choose to simply add our creative services & process to your business or even replace yours with ours.

If you are looking for  “a la carte” services instead of the FULL PACKAGE, please visit Our Main Homepage.

At least that’s what we like to call ourselves :). You’ll have our team of creative professionals who are well informed on your current business operations and are  proactively working on your online business month to month.  That means…not only do we design and develop for you,  but we also strategize ways to improve your online business even while you sleep.

Advanced Analytics
You can’t have an effective strategy without the right data. Not only do we track user data and user experience, but we help you understand it as well. We can use tools such as Google Analytics, heat-mapping, website visitor screen-recording, etc.

Creative PERKS
You get access to over $20,000 worth of creative marketing tools & services absolutely FREE during your partnership. Tools such as Social Media scheduling, email marketing platform,advanced link tracking, free stock photography, photo editing, website live chat, landing page templates, custom designed sales page templates, premium WordPress plugins, and much more.  We are constantly adding more tools and resources to our Creative PERKS library. All of agencies and freelancers charge extra for these.  We provide them absolutely free with no catches whatsoever.

First, we will have a Clarity Call to get to know all about you and your business to see how we can assist you in your business’ success.

During this call we will discuss your current online presence, strategy & budget. From there, we will discuss how we can be most instrumental to your business. After the call we will get back to you within a couple of business days with a plan of action partnered with a couple of pricing points.

We’ve been know to fit ANY budget…just as long as you have one.

Creative CORE™ has a monthly membership structure where you will auto-charged on either a monthly OR bi-weekly basis. We understand that your business is unique, therefore our pricing is specific to your individual needs.

Throughout your partnership with us, you will be working one-on-one with your Creative CORE™ Project  Manager who will oversee and manage all the tasks and services that are carried out.  

We find that things generally get lost in email.  That’s why we collaborate with our clients on a live chat system that you will have access to from your computer and cell phone. This allows for much faster response times and less confusion than dealing with long email chains. We also have an easy to use task management system that allows us to collaborate on the go.  Other tools often used are screen-sharing and personalized videos that we will create for you on the fly. However, if you prefer to still use email, we can work that way as well.

You can also always schedule a phone conference with us directly at anytime.

We are typically directly available between 10AM – 5PM Central Time.

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