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Step 1

Create Product Description: Workflow 1

This template helps give Chat GP3-T the context that it needs about your product to create effective sales copy for you. Just copy and paste the formula into the chat and fill in the blanks and press “ENTER” to begin your writing session.

[Audience/Niche]Specify the target audience or niche for the product/service.Small business owners
[Known Desire]Clearly outline the goal or desire that the target audience has.Increase revenue and profits
[Familiar Roadblock]Identify a common roadblock or struggle that the target audience faces in achieving their goal.Lack of marketing knowledge and resources
[New Opportunity]Offer a new solution or approach that can help the target audience achieve their goal.Access to comprehensive marketing training and a supportive community
[Old/current way]Describe the traditional or current approach that the target audience may be using.Scouring the internet for fragmented marketing knowledge and trying to navigate the process alone
[Product/Service Name: New Mechanism]Introduce the product/service and explain how it provides a new mechanism for achieving the goal.The Marketing Mastery Program: A comprehensive online marketing training program with a supportive community for small business owners
[Format of product/service]Describe the format of the product/service (e.g. online program, coaching service, etc.).Online program
[Audience Goal]Specify the goal that the product/service helps the target audience achieve.Increase revenue and profits
[Main Roadblock or Struggle]Identify the main roadblock or struggle that the product/service helps the target audience overcome.Lack of marketing knowledge and resources
[Amount of Time]Specify the amount of time it takes for the target audience to achieve their goal with the product/service.6 months
[Unique Value Proposition]Clearly outline the unique benefits and value that the product/service provides.With the Marketing Mastery Program, you’ll have access to comprehensive marketing training and a supportive community, all in one place. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in live Q&A sessions with industry experts and get personalized feedback on your marketing efforts.

Create Product Description: Workflow 2

Another approach (though it may take a few tries) is to have the AI generate your product description for you by following the template. You can use this snippet and just fill out as much information about your brand/product at the bottom. That’s it! 

Step 2

Create Audience Description

Enter this prompt to create an audience description. Regenerate as needed OR take some ideas from different generated copies and create your own and input it into the chat saying “Let’s go with this one”.